Warm Weather Landscaping Tips

Warm Weather Landscaping Tips

Here are tips to deal with your water bill and keep your yard solid amid the hot months.

Take a Day Off From Watering

One approach to hold your water bill down amid high temperatures is to cut one watering day for each week. Taking only one day away can lessen your water use by as much as 10 to 15 percent.

Time of Day

Water in ahead of schedule morning hours before dawn to reduce water lost to dissipation and daytime winds.

Mow Strategy

Every time you cut the grass, change the cut direction. Set your lawnmower to the best possible height to advance a healthy lawn and to diminish water utilization. Suggested cutting are 2 1/2″ to 3″ for tall fescue and 3/4″ to 1/2″ for Bermuda.

Hand Water Dead Spots

Hand water dead or brown spots and check your watering system framework. Yards normally create brown spots on account of issues in the sprinkler system. These could be clogged sprinkler heads, blocked patterns, and improper spacing between sprinklers.

Watch that your sprinkler heads are level to review, opposite to the slant of the garden and not watering walkways, dividers or yards. Trim around the sprinkler head or introduce a taller 3- or 4-inch pop-up.

Yard sprinkler heads ought to give “head to head” coverage. That implies the shower of one sprinkler ought to reach the nearby sprinkler.

Battle Compacted Soils

Compacted soils likewise can cause damage. Sometimes essentially aerating the area and watering heavily takes care of the issue. Buy a hand-worked coring aerator at a nursery, or contract an expert to aerate for you. Aerating your lawn ought to be done at least twice per year.

Leaf Scorching and Burning

Leaves generally are focused for one of two reasons: improper watering or lack of fertilization. Since both overwatering and under watering can harm plant leaves, the best arrangement is to water deeply and occasionally. This permits oxygen in the dirt, washes salts away and encourages deep rooting.

For most trees and bushes older than three years, water heavily once every seven to 10 days. Fresher plants may need water twice as regularly until set up. Include a layer of surface mulch 2- to 4-inches thick to preserve water and improve the dirt.

Verify you have the right fertilizer both for your particular plants and for the season of year. A few composts discharge much speedier in hot climate, expanding the potential for harm.


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