Hydroseeding, an alternative to the traditional process of broadcasting or sowing dry seed, is no problem for our capable staff. It is considerably less expensive to start a lawn by hydroseeding rather than laying sod or turf  and quicker than using seed. The process is often used to seed grass on commercial sites (highways/motorways etc.), golf courses, lawns and areas too large, inaccessible or unsuitable for conventional methods.

There are reasons hydroseeding works so well. The seed is suspended the nutrient rich slurry. The contact of the seed with the water in the machine triggers the germination cycle. The mulch layer seals in the moisture and holds the soil in place. The seed is at an ideal depth for good results. The conditions are right to produce a lush green lawn in very short time. Mulch, seed and fertilizer are evenly distributed in the sprayed material.


At R&D Lawn Care and Landscaping we understand the importance of applying seed at the proper setting, as well as making good soil contact to achieve the best possible results. Let our experts help you decide which method is best for your particular situation.

We use only the finest equipment available for seeding. Regardless of whether it is a completely new lawn or a lawn renovation, our expert crews can handle your needs. Seeding a lawn should almost always be performed in the fall, regardless of your location. New grass is very tender and will succumb to the heat of summer. Special conditions occur that may necessitate seeding in spring.


If it is an instant lawn you are looking for, R&D Lawn Care and Landscaping can provide that with sod. Sod is grass that has already been planted by seed on a sod farm and then harvested by slicing a very thin layer of topsoil and then either rolled or stacked in sheets and sent directly to the installation site.

There is no special care required for a professionally laid sod lawn except for initial watering. This is because it is a healthy, mature lawn when installed, as opposed to a sprigged or seeded lawn, which requires years of nurturing to reach maturity. One of the most important parts we stress about installing sod is site preparation. Your lawn must be graded for optimum drainage to prevent standing water in the lawn. The soil must also contain proper nutrients to promote sod growth. Be sure to contact us for proper sod preparation. Installing the sod should be done immediately after site preparation.

The best time in install sod is the fall or spring. Don't forget maintenance after installation. Newly installed sod must be watered every day until the roots begin to establish.

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