At R&D Lawn Care and Landscaping, we realize how crucial your irrigation system is to keeping your property looking its best. Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to install irrigation. We believe the site should be evaluated, and a plan should be drawn up to get the right amount of water coverage. Not enough coverage, and you get uneven grass - too much coverage and you have water waste.

Choosing an Irrigation System

There are many different types of irrigation systems available. The most common types are spray, rotary and drip irrigation. One of the most popular forms of irrigation for homeowners is a spray system. This system type has powerful effects on small yards, lawns and gardens. These nozzles are easily changed to accommodate different spray positions, patterns and distances. This system is a very dependable and requires very little maintenance.

Rotary systems are most frequently used for large areas and are commonly seen on athletic fields. This system throws one or more streams of water up to 100 feet and can cover large areas in which a high number of spray heads would be impractical. Another large factor with using this system is, despite the velocity of the water from the sprayer, rotary systems actually produce less water than spray systems.

Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient, water conserving types of irrigation systems. Drip irrigation has a number of important advantages over other types of irrigation, including:

- Reduced water use
- Easily accommodates planters and hanging baskets
- Good irrigation for narrow and oddly shaped areas

Drip irrigation systems use a network of pipes and tubing to slowly and efficiently distribute water at low pressure. This low pressure distribution of water provides less waste than traditional overhead sprinkler types of watering, and in many cases this slow, steady water flow provides healthier and less disease prone plants.

Your irrigation system is crucial to keeping your property looking its best and our expertise in this area is unsurpassed. There are many irrigation solutions, from sprays and nozzles to low-volume drip and root watering systems, that manage water responsibly. Our staff provides consultation, design, installation, and maintenance of commercial and residential landscape and irrigation systems. We strive to address the specific needs of your turf and plants thus adding beauty and value to your property.

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