Commercial landscaping requires a balance of living and non-living materials. We strive to create this balance so that it is both beautiful and sustainable. There is nothing like a man-made ecosystem where soil, plants, water, stone and wood are joined in harmony. It increases the appeal of your business to present and potential customers. It will also increase the pride you feel each day as you pull into your business's parking lot.

At R&D Lawn Care and Landscaping, we blend art and science with organizational skills and teamwork to create commercial landscapes of lasting beauty and value. Our experts produce solutions to landscaping issues unique to any urban environment.

Quality and competitive pricing come together in our commercial landscaping efforts. Our landscape artists take ownership of their designs, overseeing every phase of the project from supply and material selection to construction and installation. And don't worry. We won't leave you to care for your beautiful new trees, plants and water features. We have monthly maintenance contracts available to care and tend to your new space.

To schedule services or get more information about commercial landscaping, please call us at (417) 438-6590, or email us here.