Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

You can breathe a sigh of relief, preparing your lawn for the spring is generally less time consuming than preparing for winter. However, it is in your lawn’s best interest to take a little time and ensure that it’s ready for the spring season. Follow this guide for small, do-it-yourself tasks that will ensure your lawn is ready for the coming season.

Remove Any Debris

Grab your rake and start removing debris that has built up from the fall and winter. This includes sticks and leaves that can cause problems for mowing and other lawn care. Pay special attention to areas that appear matted, as they could be holding snow mold. Raking helps with airflow and allows new grass to grow easily.

Ground Level

Make sure the dirt underneath your lawn is level in all areas and hasn’t been harmed by any vehicle tracks or other damage throughout the winter. High and low spots will make it difficult to mow and lead to irrigation problems. Low spots can harbor water that will damage your lawn. To make the ground level again, use a shovel to even everything out.

Take Care of Weeds

Use an effective pre-emergent herbicide to stop weeds before they start growing. Once they sprout up, it can be difficult to control. If your yard is prone to crab grass, pick up a preventer made specifically for this and apply it between your first several mows. Familiarize yourself with the different types of weeds that grow in your climate, such as Chickweed, Morning Glory, and Pigweed. Being able to identify these weeds will make it that much easier to resolve the problem.

Core Aeration

Aeration is the process by which air is exchanged between the soil and atmosphere. You can use a Core Aeration machine to remove thatch and soil plugs from your lawn, which allows the soil to naturally aerate. The best time to do this is during the spring, as grass can heal and fill the openings left by the plugs. The soil should be moist before you begin; aerating after rainfall is ideal. It is also important to aerate the same row of grass several times for it to be compacted.

Don’t Forget About the Mower

First, check under the lawn mower for any clogging or grass and weed buildup. Remove anything around the blades that could stop them from functioning properly. If you haven’t changed your oil or cleaned your spark plugs in over a year, now is the time to do so. Check the belts and if they appear too worn, they will have to be replaced. Blades should be sharpened once a year, and you can carefully use a metal file or take them to a professional.



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