With our lawn fertilizing services, R&D Lawn Care and Landscaping can make your grass grow to become more beautiful, greener and healthier. Our slow granular fertilizer does wonders for lawns in all types of weather conditions and is also child and pet-friendly.

Questions most often asked are when and how often should fertilizing take place. In general, you should fertilize at the beginning of the growing season when the type of grass you have (cool or warm season) most actively grows. For cool season grasses this is in fall and spring. For warm season grasses the time is late spring as growth really accelerates.

Another factor in how often to fertilize is the intensity of maintenance required. Low maintenance lawns require less fertilization. Medium maintenance lawns usually have one additional fertilization added to the schedule. For cool season lawns this is generally in spring and for warm season lawns a fall application is added. High maintenance lawns are fertilized on a more precise application schedule during the most active growing months.

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