DIY Garden Water Feature Ideas On A Budget

DIY Garden Water Feature Ideas On A Budget

landscapingJust because you are on a budget, adding a garden water feature is not out of your reach. Old pots and tubs, smooth rocks collected on a beach and a kiddy pool can all be fashioned by you into a pleasant water feature at a low cost. Observe natural ponds and streams that dot the countryside, and mimic that as you plan your own water feature. Walk along a stream and collect a few water-loving plants to complete your feature.

Still-Water Tub Water Feature

1.    Put an old metal or enamel tub on the ground at the site where you will install a water feature. You may also use a horse trough. Avoid putting the tub under a tree to prevent debris from accumulating. Use garden rocks or string to roughly mark the circumference of the tub bottom.

2.    Remove the rub. Spray-paint the tub interior with a rust-resistant black paint. Allow the paint to dry.

3.    Dig a hole inside the rock border that is about 3 inches deep and as wide around as your tub bottom with a shovel. Lay about an inch of sand in the bottom of the table. Your tub bottom should rest inside the hole comfortably.

4.    Cover the tub with various clean, smooth rocks and boulders. Fill the tub with water.

5.    Add a handful of floating plants, like watercress or pennywort, to the pool. If your water source contains chlorine, wait 24 hours before putting plants into the water.

Kiddy Pool Pond

1.    Put a pre-formed hard plastic kiddy pool on a flat area of your property where you will put your water feature. Avoid putting the tub under a tree to prevent debris from accumulating, if the area is not completely flat, dig out some sod and dirt until the pond sits flat on the ground.

2.    Fill the pool with water and float various brightly colored hollow plastic balls in the water.

3.    Landscape around your pool with whimsical, oversized lawn ornaments, like plastic sunflowers or pink flamingos. If you prefer live landscape, plant a spreading border of marsh marigold or Siberian iris between the lawn ornaments.

Dangling Rain Chain

1.    Remove a down-spot on a corner of your home, outbuilding or garage. Leave the gutter intact.

2.    Lay a thin metal rid inside the gutter across the drain hole. Attach the S-hook to the rod. Let the S-hook dangle out of the gutter drain hole.

3.    Fold a 15-foot link chain in half. Attach the chain in the middle to the S-hook so that two lengths of chain of roughly the same length dangle in the space where the downspout was positioned.

4.    Put an earthenware pot, a big watering can, or other water-friendly container at the base of the chain. This will collect the water that run down the chain and allow it to spill over slowly into the ground. Direct the pot or container outflow away from your house foundation.

If you find these DIY ideas too complicated, you can contact a landscaping company Carthage to do the work for you. Contact one in your area now and ask water features MO that they are offering.


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