Advantages of Hydroseeding a Lawn

Advantages of Hydroseeding a Lawn

Hydroseeding is the liquid application of a combined mixture of grass seed, fertilizer, pesticide, and a moisture-retaining binder sprayed under pressure over an area requiring lawn or grass cover. Most grass and ground that can be traditionally seeded can be hydroseeded.

Highly Effective

Hydroseeding is generally more effective than traditional methods of seeding for a number of reasons. When you’re seeding traditionally, dry seed is spread and then straw is spread above it in order to stop the seed from being blown away or eaten by birds. This type of mulching doesn’t do well to prevent premature evaporation, and soil moisture is essential for grass to grow. When hydroseeding, this is already achieved because the moisture is laid down with the seeding and the coating protects against evaporation. The problem with straw is that it carries weed seed and when it breakdowns it can steal nitrogen from the soil. Hydroseeding is way more effective at preventing soil erosion.

With hydroseeding, you can custom seed your lawn with various types of grass that work best for your locale. It also allows you to plant different seeds in different areas, which is harder to achieve with traditional seeding methods. The fertilizer included with your hydroseeding will do a great job growing your grass and several different fertilizers can be combined.

Better than Sodding

Hydroseeding is much more cost-effective than sodding your lawn. While sodding provides a visually appealing lawn, it can be very expensive. Hydroseeding lets you create a beautiful lawn that is typically four times less expensive than sodding. Soil often doesn’t take to sodding and rejects the roots of your grass. This rejection is extremely rare when hydroseeding. An expert hydroseeder can match your ingredients with the soil to create a customized lawn. Your grass will be healthier when using hydroseeding as opposed to sodding because sodding cuts the roots of the grass off, whereas hydroseeded areas germinate and grow properly. With hydroseeding, a lawn is even evenly distributed with seed, unlike sodding where gaps can develop over time.

It’s Quicker

While hydroseeding may not offer the instant gratification you can receive from a lawn with sod, it is undeniably faster and is easier to install. Generally, a hydroseeded lawn that has been properly watered will start growing in 7 days and will be ready for mowing in 3-4 weeks. This time gap is shorter than if you were to use traditional types of broadcast seeding. It also requires less labor than if you were to sod, as hydroseeding usually requires three people and sodding requires at least s



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