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Just to name a few, some of our most popular lawn services are:

Some of our popular Landscaping Services both residential and commercial are:

The first two letters in R&D Lawn Care & Landscaping may come from the first names of our father-son founders, Randy and Derrick Brown, but those letters could just as easily stand for reliability and dependability. Founded in 1993, customer service has always been our priority. We have taken pride in being reliable and dependable and when it comes to expert service, we have not changed one iota. Whether residential or commercial projects, our experienced professionals find no task too tough to tackle with the highest of quality standards.

Even though the job may be extensive, that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Our services are offered at competitive prices based on the industry and the region. Our commitment is always centered with meeting our customers needs.

Before getting into the variety of lawn care and landscaping needs we offer, it is important to note that Dump-Truck Services are provided for all bulk material transportation needs. Under the umbrella of residential and commercial landscaping, other services provided in the landscaping field are landscape lighting, planting landscaping, fire pits, outdoor patios, retaining walls and water features, such as ponds and fountains. By the way, we also specialize in snow removal.

The bottom line is that if it has to do with your lawn or landscaping, we can handle it. Lawn care that is extensive doesn’t have to be expensive.

Services covering a wide area are offered not only through our office in Joplin MO at 4218 E. 20th St. but, also, branch offices at Carthage MO, 702 E. Central Ave.; Seneca MO, 18839 Hottel Springs Road; and Grove OK, 710 Lakewood Drive.

To schedule services or get more information, please call us at (417) 438-6590, or email us here.

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