Hydroseeding, an alternative to the traditional process of broadcasting or sowing dry seed, is no problem for our capable staff.

In case you were wondering, it is considerably less expensive to start a lawn by hydroseeding rather than laying sod or turf  and quicker than using seed. The process is often used to seed grass on commercial sites (highways/motorways etc.), golf courses, lawns and areas too large, inaccessible or unsuitable for conventional methods.

There are reasons hydroseeding works so well. The seed is suspended the nutrient rich slurry. The contact of the seed with the water in the machine triggers the germination cycle. The mulch layer seals in the moisture and holds the soil in place. The seed is at an ideal depth for good results. The conditions are right to produce a lush green lawn in very short time. Mulch, seed and fertilizer are evenly distributed in the sprayed material.

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